When Will Lady Return?

Lady is on  vacation

Lady has had some issues that make her stinky. It’s not contagious, or deadly, she has just had several instances of clogged anal glands in the last few months. She is getting a change of diet that should resolve those by mid-January.

I have also been spending some time training her and working on her relationships with other dogs. That territoriality caused a minor incident in October with her barking aggressively at another dog that was in the building. As this is not okay for a working dog to do, she and I are going to various “doggy places” and practicing her manners. 

Lady and Scout sunning themselves

Lady and Scout sunning themselves

Lady will return to duty sometime between the beginning of January and the end of February depending on how long it takes to resolve these issues. 

She very much wants to return and looks at me with those sad Lab eyes when I leave for work, but she has been working as my husband’s emotional support dog in the meantime. 

I know a lot of my therapy participants miss Lady, but it is my responsibility to make sure she is in tip-top shape before she returns. As she is getting into late middle age, before too long it will be time to train a new therapy dog and allow her to retire in comfort.


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