Some Big and Little Changes Coming

Little Changes

I will not be returning to working from my office. Overall, my clients have preferred online therapy and have found it meets their needs better, and maintaining an office is an added expense I’d prefer not to do right now. Online, I can see clients from anywhere in the state of Missouri. If you are an existing client, I might be open to occasional in-home or in-office visits once my vaccine immunity has kicked in if you and anyone else in the vicinity are willing to mask or are vaccinated.

More Changes

I will be returning to doing “coloring videos” sometime in late July or August when I move space within the house to a larger and more useable office space. These will be available on YouTube.  I will also be experimenting with coloring videos on Twitch over the next several months. I will be adding my Twitch link

When I finish setting up my continuing education (CEU) business and prepare my first online courses, they will become available here or on their own website (still to be determined) under the name “Just CEUs”. The tentative price point is $10 per credit hour for self-paced CEUs and $20 per credit hour for virtual in-person training. All of my first planned courses will be one hour long and I don’t anticipate adding any courses longer than 3 hours.

As my CEU business ramps up, I will be limiting my client caseload. Eventually, my goal is to see no more than 10 clients a week. At this point, I don’t plan to give up providing therapy entirely, but the focus of my business will shift to training clinicians and providing video, ebook, and audio self-help for various topics.

I’ll update again when I have more information for you.

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