Animal Assisted Therapy

Lady and her best friend Scout at home.

Lady Day is available several days a week, for animal-assisted therapy.

When you make your appointment, let us know if you want Lady Day to help with your therapy. 

Meet Lady Day. We rescued her from a shelter and trained her to the Canine Good Citizen level. As you can see by her friendship with Scout, above, she is very gentle. She loves playing and “hugging”. Lady Day often knows when someone needs attention from her. She also usually knows when she is supposed to relax and let therapy take its course.

She will greet you with a wagging tail and smile. Often, Lady will lean against you and invite you to hug her. Please don’t allow her to lick or “mouth” you.  Although she likes to do both, and many participants also enjoy those, some do not and Lady Day isn’t able to distinguish which are which.

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Animal-assisted therapy helps with physical and mental health symptoms in many people. Lady Day helps many shy people and people with trust issues benefit more from therapy.

Let us know if you have dog allergies or are afraid of dogs or have dog allergies. Lady stays home or in another room in those cases. She is a single coated dog that sheds very little and has minimal dander, unlike a purebred Lab.

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