Forms for New and Current Clients

Hi, y’all. Here are some forms and links for my new and existing clients

New Clients:

You will get all of these documents through the TherapyNotes portal when you first set up your appointment. If you can’t access them or didn’t receive them, use these instead. Always feel free to call or email if you get stuck on these and I will help you as soon as I can. Here are some helpful tips for using the TherapyNotes portal to download, review, sign, and upload documents.

Informed Consent and Privacy Policy. You keep all but the signature page (download separately), which you fill out and turn in)

Information for using telehealth:

Release of Information (for your physician(s) and any people you want to have information on your therapy. Print one per person you want to have information)

Full Assessments and Medical History:

Forms for Existing Clients (and anyone else who can benefit from them)

DBT Diary Card (amended to work on a larger variety of issues)

More Forms to Come

As people request specific resources in the comments on this page, I will add more forms and links where I can. All comments are moderated for the mental health of those reading.
Some ideas:
More worksheets
Resources local to the Kansas City area
Resources for the entire United States
Acknowledgments and Links to Content:

Thanks for dropping by.

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