Announcement: CEU Course Offerings Coming Up

Who Are Your CEUS for?

Starting this summer, I am creating CEU (continuing education) courses for social workers in Missouri. Eventually, I will be opening those nationwide, and to other professions. Due to accreditation requirements, I will start first in my home state. I will start by accrediting with the State of Missouri and then work on becoming eligible for accreditation through ASWB.

How Will You Offer the CEUs? 

I will offer each course two ways: A self-paced online course that lasts an hour, and a Zoom meeting that will last an hour. I will create each course with the help of someone who is an expert in the subject. Of course, each class will also use at least four academic, governmental, or high-quality news sources from the last five years. Within a year, I will be soliciting co-teachers for each course and lead teachers for additional courses. 

In addition to CEU courses, I am exploring the possibility of creating a space where all people who have participated in an RMHS CEU course will be invited to join the RMHS discussion community. This will be a place to share questions, concerns, and professional knowledge in a moderated space. 

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Fitting CEUs into a busy social worker’s life.

What Makes Your CEU Courses Different? 

My goals in creating these CEU courses include:  

  1. Teach all subjects provided within the context of improving justice, accessibility, and inclusion in the profession. 
  2. Provide learners with up-to-date information and evidence-based solutions to issues they encounter in their practices. 
  3.  Assist professionals in navigating complex ethical situations in today’s digital and in-person contexts. 
  4. Make mandatory CEUs engaging, challenging, and fun.
  5. Build a source of connection to the professional community.

What  CEU Courses Are You Working On? 

Right now, I have three courses in mind. The first is on the basics of preventing suicide in transgender children and adults. The second is on making more effective mandated reporting hotlines using the online option. The final one I’m developing focuses on helping non-Black providers help their Black therapy participants with stress and trauma due to the ongoing police violence in their community. 

Are You Still Going To Provide Therapy?

Yes and no. I am closing to new clients until I can assess the workload. After I know what I can and can’t handle, it will be time to rebalance. I am making this change because providing CEUs requires less paperwork on my part, and allows me to share what I have learned with less experienced providers. Once my CEU program is up and running, I plan to keep a small caseload (primarily of existing clients) a couple of days a week. 

Any time a business owner makes a major change like this, the results are somewhat unpredictable. I will continue to evaluate my ability to take on new therapy participants as my work progresses. 

Feel free to ask general questions in the comments. I cannot reply to and will delete, any questions that are clinical or that ask about a therapy client or potential therapy client’s specific circumstances. 

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